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October 18, 2013

Well! It's been a while. Today's update is a List Builder for Star Trek Attack Wing! This is a basic first attempt at a list builder for the popular WizKidz table top minitaures game. Head over to the Star Trek Attack Wing ListBuilder page and start making your list now! :)

January 11, 2010:
Thanks to user feedback we have updated XCommand today with the following changes:
January 5, 2010:
Dracos Software releases the beta version of XCommand! Defend your cities from the rain of incoming missiles! Play XCommand now here on DracosSoftware.com! Click the logo below or head to the XCommand Page to play!

During this BETA phase we ask that players please look for any kind of bugs or program errors that have been missed in the pre and Alpha stages of development. If you find a problem with the game, game logic, or graphical data, please do not hesistate to report your findings to xcommand@dracossoftware.com! We look forward to your feedback during this BETA testing period and hope you enjoy XCommand!