XCommand is a simple Flash game inspired by the 80's "Missile Command" game by Atari. This app was developed with a special visual and audial theme around the band MercenaryX. Play the app here on or head over to MercenaryX's myspace and play it there! This app will also appear soon on Facebook and will feature personal and global persistent high score lists.

Can you Defend your Cities from the "Darkness Descending"?

FanatiX is currently being redeveloped from a native MySpace javascript app to a Flash/Actionscript application. FanatiX is a points-based fan reward program that musical acts can use to motivate and reward their rabid fan base!


TeraCity is an ambitious project developed in Flash and ElectroServer to provide Facebook casual games with something a bit... more. Simulating cities in a dark population engourged world, TeraCity challenges the player to build their "TeraPlex," keep their inhabitants happy and above all else, defend themselves from the denzions of neighboring TeraPlexes!

Moving beyond the "interactive" toy design of most Facebook applications today, TeraCity will allow players to build their Teraplexes and then challenge other player's Teraplexes to a fight!

Will you put your Teraplex on the line? Will you triumph over your enemeies or see your Teraplex collapse and burn in this post-apocolyptic Facebook game!

Legacy Products:

Interstate: Roadkill

Roadkill was first developed in 1993 for the Galacticomm BBS software. It was an ambitious attempt in the pre-internet era to make a multi-user graphical "MUD" or what would have been the first MMORPG of the time. The project only made it to an infantile pre-alpha stage before being cancelled.